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Cast Iron Manhole Covers
  • Cast Iron Manhole Covers

    Botou Junteng Casting Co., Ltd. is the professiona manufacturer of cast iron manhole covers, we have passed ISO9001 international quality management system authentication. We have upright centrifugal molding, horizontal centrifugal molding, metal gravity casting, sand gravity casting and polishing equipment and production crafts. 

    The cast iron manhole covers are divided into nodular cast iron manhole covers and gray cast iron manhole covers. Generally speaking, the same weight of ductile iron manhole covers are stronger than those gray iron manhole covers. Gray iron cover material used generally HT200, ductile metal manhole covers are generally used QT500-7.

    Cast Iron Manhole Covers Production

    Cast iron manhole covers are mainly made of ductile iron out of the manhole covers, the quality of this well manhole covers the quality of the ball to the problem. Casting commonly used paint is rust-proof asphalt paint, of course, the surface of the ductile iron cover is also treated by spraying rust-proof asphalt paint. Ductile iron manhole covers have an advantage, is due to ductile iron high strength, good toughness, making the ductile castings than the same type of gray cast iron manhole covers light about 30%.

Ductile Iron manhole covers Features

Good toughness

Impact value and carbon steel in detail, gray iron material is more than 10 times.

Strong corrosion resistance. Spray corrosion test, ninety days of corrosion is only 1/40 of the steel, gray iron pipe is 1/10. Life is 2 times the gray iron pipe, 5 times the ordinary steel pipe.

Good plasticity. Elongation ≥ 7%, similar to high-carbon steel, and gray iron material elongation is zero.

High strength

Tensile strength ób ≥ 420MPa, yield strength ós ≥ 300MPa, and low carbon steel is the same, three times the gray iron material.

Due to the microstructure of nodular graphite, the ductile iron is superior to cast steel in reducing the vibration ability, so it is more beneficial to reduce the stress. An important reason for the choice of ductile iron is that ductile iron is less expensive than cast steel. The low cost of ductile iron makes this material more popular, with higher casting efficiency and less machining costs for ductile iron.

The strength of ductile iron and the strength of cast steel are comparable. Ductile iron has a higher yield strength, the yield strength of the lowest 40k, while the yield strength of cast steel is only 36k. In most municipal applications, such as: water, salt water, steam, etc., ductile iron corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are more than cast steel.

Cast Iron manhole covers Applications

Municipal roads, highways, communications, electricity, water, residential, schools and other parks.

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