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Drainage Manhole Covers

Drainage Manhole Covers

  • Many people do not know what kind of manhole cover is drainage manhole cover, now Junteng introduce drainage manhole cover to you: drainage manhole covers are different from the ordinary cast iron manhole covers, ductile manhole covers, resin manhole covers, composite manhole covers, it is generally perforated or have hole, the rain can be very convenient to drain, so it is called drainage cover.

    Drainage manhole covers are mostly round.

    The drainage manhole covers with pedestrians at all times, using a round, mainly taking into account that the circular covers are passed through the diameter of each of their diameters in the same length, so that if the covers are driven by the vehicle, Its diameter will be slightly below the wellhead below, the covers will not fall into the wellhead.

    Drainage manhole covers have the following characteristics:

    Available in a variety of models to suit different loads and spans. The product construction is simple, good bearing, impact resistance, large displacement, the surface using hot dip plating treatment, beautiful and durable.

    Drainage Manhole Covers Features:

    Beautiful appearance: Simple lines. Multi-color appearance, the modern trend.

    Hot-dip galvanizing: strong anti-rust, maintenance-free and replacement.

    Anti-theft design: cover and frame with hinge connection, security, security, easy to open.

    High strength: can be used for terminals, airports and other large span and heavy load environment.

    Specifications: to meet different environments, load, size and shape.

    The drainage covers are basically made of ductile iron material because:

    A nodular cast iron drainage cover impact value and carbon steel in detail, gray iron material is more than 10 times. This is the main reason why ductile well covers and cast iron covers are commonly used in trunk roads.

    Ductile iron drainage manhole cover tensile strength ób ≥ 420MPa, yield strength ós ≥ 300MPa, and low carbon steel is the same, three times the gray iron material. The price of iron made the quality of steel.

    Ductile iron drainage covers have good plasticity. Elongation ≥ 7%, similar to high-carbon steel, and gray iron material elongation is zero. Production costs much lower than other steel

    Ductile iron drainage manhole cover Seismic and Corrosion Resistance. Spray corrosion test, ninety days of corrosion is only gray cast iron manhole covers 1/40, is the gray ball ink cover 1/10. Life is two times the composite covers and cement covers, 5 times the average gray iron manhole cover.

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