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Sewage Manhole Covers
  • Ductile Iron Manhole Covers

    Sewage manhole covers have a very important position in the municipal manhole covers, because the sewage wells are relatively dirty sewage, so the safety of the manhole covers is very critical, must be qualified sewage manhole covers to be able to fully meet the requirements, most size of the sewage manhole covers is 70cm.

    Junteng sewage mahole cover with ductile iron material, ductile iron manhole covers with high strength, good toughness, so the ductile castings than the same type of gray cast iron manhole covers light about 30%. Ductile iron grades using QT500-7, hot metal baked temperature of not less than 1456 ℃, in the spheroidizing treatment with rare earth ferrosilicon alloy and the use of low sulfur content of coke, the ball level of three or more. The mechanical properties of the nodular cast iron specimen are as follows: Tensile strength: 500N / MM 2 Elongation: 7% Manhole test pressure Destruction load exceeds national industry standard.

    Junteng sewage manhole covers cover the use of the environment: large mines, airports, terminals, heavy motor vehicle road, municipal fast track. 760 heavy manhole cover can be used as sewage manhole covers, water supply manhole covers, fire manhole covers and so on.

    Ji Peng sewage manhole covers unique features: anti-theft, manhole and well seat integration, the latest anti-theft way: within the anti-theft, does not affect the appearance, sledgehammer smashed not bad, completely anti-theft!

    Bearing capacity, ductile iron Rally and toughness is four times than the ordinary cast iron, close to the steel material, suitable for a variety of road use!

    Corrosion resistance, the environment within the well water complex, a variety of chemical substances flooded, ductile iron from chemical corrosion, the service life of more than 30 years.

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